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5 things to consider before you book your Newborn photographer

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! I know what a wonderful and exciting time this is for you! Are you considering a Newborn photographer to capture those precious first few weeks? Read on for my best guidance when it comes to that all important decision

These images are going to be there to serve your memory for years to come. Anytime you want to relive all of those fleeting moments you will refer back to these beautiful images. You want to make sure you make the best choice.

Here are some helpful points to consider when choosing the perfect Newborn photographer


If a professional Newborn photography session is something you’d defiantly like once your baby arrives it is a good idea to start doing your research whilst you are still pregnant. Many Newborn photographers in Peterborough and surrounding areas can be booked well in advance. Once you have found your perfect Newborn photographer contact them to schedule your session. Most Newborn photographers will use your due date as a preliminary date. Once your baby is born we will schedule your proper session date. 


Consider the style of Newborn photography you are looking for. Once you have the style of photography in your mind you can easily narrow down your options.

You will want to consider where you want to display your images and the overall look you imagine. There are so many styles of Newborn photography. This can include elaborate posing or a baby-led Newborn posing. Images of baby on colourful or dark backgrounds or Newborn photographers who use no colour at all (like myself).  Newborn photographers that use a lot of props in their images or photographers that do not. Photography styles that have a specific style of editing or those that have a more natural approach to editing. 

You will want to think about where you plan to display your images. If you have a bright and colourful home your Newborn images are going to look perfect with bright and colourful colours incorporated into the images. If you have a neutral home, you might want to consider a Newborn photographer that focuses on neutral styling and colours.

newborn baby posed in a bowl with lots of textured white fabric  in front of a bright window
I am known for my bright, white, clean, simple, modern and timeless style of photography


Do you want to use a local Newborn photographer? Or, would you take into account photographers further afield? If you are traveling you might like to take a quick look at what amenities there are near by. You might like to eat a meal after the session before the long journey home. So in this case consider a studio that has some suitable restaurants near by perhaps.

Not all photographers have a dedicated studio space like I do. Everything in my studio has been chosen with you in mind! My Newborn photography studio supplies everything I need to create beautiful images for you and your family. I supply nappies, wipes, cotton wool, nappy bags, muslin clothes, snacks and water for your convenience. I want the experience to be as relaxing and stress free as possible.

If you were hoping to have photographs taken in your own home you will want to search for mobile Newborn photographers. 

Safety and experience

So now you have narrowed down your Newborn photographers based in the style of images you want for your memories and the location where you want to have them taken. It is time to start thinking about what you want your photographer to offer in terms of experience, knowledge and insurance etc. 

The Newborn photography industry is unregulated and therefore anyone can “be a Newborn photographer” without any training. Your Newborn baby is the most precious thing in your world right now. I understand that you want to sure you choose a professional you can trust to handle your baby with care and patience.

Reviews are fantastic way to research what other parents who have used the photographers services before are saying about their own experience.

How much experience your Newborn photographer has might be something else you will want to consider and if they have any training from another more experienced photographer. We all start somewhere and I wouldn’t disregard a new photographer as long as they are posing babies safely.

I have 8 years of Newborn photography experience and have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of Newborns, babies, children and families in those years. I have also had several training sessions with other experienced photographers and have trained other photographers too.

Behind the scenes of me using one of my techniques to comfort baby

What is included

It is important that once you have chosen your Newborn photographer you take a look to see what is included for your investment. You will want to consider what is important to you in terms of having your images as digital files, as prints, as wall art, provided on a USB etc. 

Some Newborn photographers will have a session fee that is taken like a deposit. It can sometimes be used towards a package and sometime it cannot. Other newborn photographers might have packages whereas others will be all inclusive. It is really important you check you fully understand what is included and what isn’t when you are viewing Newborn photography packages

There are Newborn photographers In Peterborough and surrounding areas to suit everyones budget. 

If you need any further help

If you need any further guidance then please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to help assist you in choosing the perfect Newborn photographer for you and you family. Your baby will grow and change, but you will always have these images to look back on. Make sure you love them!

If you feel that Olivia Rose Images could be the perfect Newborn photographer for you then I would be delighted to capture these memories for you! Send me an email and we can get you scheduled in!

Emma xx

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Discover my best parent poses

8th June 2020

My best and my favourite go-to parent poses for creating simple, timeless and beautiful images for you and your family



These are not the only parent poses that I do- but they are the ones I really love capturing!

I wanted to say at this point, I never insist that parent poses/images are part of your Newborn session, it is very much optional. I always advise that you have them taken, even if you choose not to have them as part of your package, at least then you have no regrets of not having them taken at the time. But as I say, they are completely optional!

As you will see in this selection, there are options where your hands and arms can be in the photos with baby instead of your whole self, if that feels more comfortable to you.

First up,

1. Baby in Parent Hands

I love this shot because parents hands are such a great size reference! When baby grows you will never believe they used to squish that small and fit into the palms of your hands. When baby is older and you show them the image they will never believe that is them- in Mummy and Daddy’s hands!


newborn baby boy posed in his tummy with parents hands on him

This is a great image for getting siblings hands included too

This image is really sweet when baby is awake and is looking up at me too!

2. Kisses from Mama

I absolutely love capturing this shot and this memory for you! It is the part of the session where you haven’t got all the other stresses of your world- it is just you and baby in the moment and you get to look down and love on this little miracle you have created without any distractions- it is always a special and beautiful moment for me to capture that I am very grateful for!


3. In Dad’s arms

The babies always feel safe and secure in Daddy’s hands they always relax right into this pose!


newborn baby girl swaddled in a white material held by dad kissing her

4. Back lit

This is where the light is behind my family instead of to the side. I love capturing the side profile of baby and the way the light falls to illuminate all their little features. Back lit images also look especially beautiful in black and white to really emphasis the contrast!


a family looking at newborn baby swaddled in white material

5. Classic family portrait

This is an image that everyone gets at their session if they request family images! I always do these images swaddled and at the beginning of the session- I find that the combination of baby being swaddled and held by their parents really helps to make them feel comfortable and relaxed and starts the session off on the right note!

The classic family pose is also great for siblings


newborn baby girl held closely by both parents on all white background

I hope that you have enjoyed looking through some of my favourite parent poses that I love to take during Newborn session! I think I will share my favourite sibling poses next!

Are there any here that you would request for your session? 

Take a look at my Newborn portfolio here

I cannot wait to see you all 


Emma xx

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