a one year old girl in sequin peach dress holding a cupcake

Your baby is turning one! What a special milestone and one that calls for celebration that is for sure! It always amazes me just how much a baby grows, learns and develops in just 1 year. From being Newborn and being very dependant, to being able to play, crawl and eat solid foods. It is truly so impressive!

Back when I first began my photography journey I thought that cake smashes were the only way to celebrate babies turning one years old. That is what the majority of photographers were doing and, at the beginning, I used to get caught up with what everyone else was doing. The only thing was, I really wasn’t enjoying them. Admittedly, I did get to be creative. I used to paint my own paint drops and make my own props. But they were my least favourite session by far.

Once I had transitioned over into my pure white, minimalistic and timeless style the cake smashes just seemed miles apart from the style of the rest of my photography. They were colourful, full of props and messy. I would use big cakes like I have seen on pinterest and like I have seen others use and it would always be 50/50 as to if the baby even knew what to do with the cake! I had visions of baby going face first into the cake and loving it! But it rarely happened like that. Maybe the babies were overwhelmed with all the colours and new textures and tastes of the big cake.

I made the switch over to my simpler first birthday sessions about 5 years ago and honestly, have never looked back!

one year old girl with pink bow eating a cupcake

Now my first birthday sessions are in keeping with the style of all of the rest of my sessions. My main aim is that no matter what year you come to me for a session and no matter what session you choose- your images will all match and look cohesive together! They are going to look amazing in your albums and on your walls no matter if you came for a Newborn photography session, sitter session, a family session or first birthday session!

During my first birthday sessions the session is no longer focused on the cake. The “success” of a session no longer hinges on how much the baby likes the cake. Now the focus is fully on the real star of the session- your one year old baby!

one year old boy showing the camera a piece of cake during his first birthday photo shoot

There is a lot more emphasis on portraits of your one year old at their first birthday milestone! The props that I do use are all in keeping with my style. I have my O-N-E letters, my white rocking horse, my little white car and a white chair. They have all been carefully chosen to be loved by the babies and to look neutral in the images. Not drawing too much attention away from the main subject of each and every image- your baby!

on year old girl on a rocking horse wearing a peach dress

And of course, we couldn’t have someone celebrating their first birthday without cake could we! We still have cake! However, I use small cupcakes that are much more in proportion to baby! Trust me, they know exactly what to do with those little cakes! They pick them straight up to explore it as if it were a toy. We all know what happens to anything a one year olds pick up- straight in the mouth!

These days I absolutely love cake sessions! The babies are all full of character and I love seeing their reactions to the cakes.

By allowing my passion for all white, minimalist photography that focuses solely on the baby, their family, their joy and love, it has allowed me to fall back in love with these types of sessions. I followed my heart and decided to do something I have never seen anyone else do.

First birthday sessions are a fabulous way to celebrate your baby turning one years old! I would love to document this special milestone for you and your family. You will be able to travel back to this milestone, through these images and remember every detail of how your baby was at one years old. These images will remain classic and timeless. You can come back to my studio year after year and add to your collection of images knowing they will all match seamlessly!

What is more, your first birthday includes ALL the digital images from your session! No choosing!

a one year old girl standing in a peach dress eating a cupcake

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Please feel free to message me if you’d like any further information about my first birthday session please email me and I will be happy to help!

Please feel free to message me if you’d like any further information about my first birthday session please email me and I will be happy to help! emma@oliviaroseimages.co.uk

Emma xx

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