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a close up image on newborn baby fingers

What age is best for a Newborn photography session?

If you are looking for a Newborn photography session in Peterborough you might be wondering what the perfect age is. 

Newborn photography session is just that- a photography session to capture your Newborn as, well, a Newborn. As of those little details and features that make your baby “Newborn”. The way they curl up just like they were in the womb, their dry skin from adjusting to life outside the womb, their sleepiness and not to mention their tiny fingers and toes! It is no wonder why Newborn photography sessions are so popular. Who wouldn’t want those adorable features documented forever? All of those things that are unique to your baby in those first few weeks- photographed for you to remember forever. 

a close up image on newborn baby fingers

What age is best ?

Many Newborn photographers say 2 weeks and under is the best age. But I am, in many ways, not like most Newborn photographers! I have photographed so many different aged babies in the last 8 years. I never refuse to photograph a baby just because they do not fit in my ideal age range. I am confident that I can get a beautiful gallery of any baby no matter how many weeks they are.

Whilst this information is my ideal from my experience of being a Newborn photographer for the past 8 years, it is always worth checking with your Newborn photographer for their ideal age.

A sweet baby girl I photographed at 8 weeks old- full of smiles!

With that being said…

If you are looking for curly, posed, more likely to be asleep images then anywhere between 1-4 weeks is my definition of the “ideal” age for your Newborn photography session. You will be amazed at how different your baby looks at 3 weeks old and 6 weeks old! Trust me! Ideally 1-4 weeks old is perfect.


What if my baby is older?

Beyond 4 weeks baby might tend to be naturally less “curly” as they have had more time to adjust to being outside of the womb. You might also find they are awake for longer periods of time and not as sleepy as they were in those earlier weeks. 

None of this is an issue- it is just important to highlight the differences between bringing your baby in earlier and leaving it a little later. Letting you know what to expect is important.

To conclude

At any age, no matter how many weeks old your baby is I can create a beautiful gallery for you. If you are looking for the very Newborn images between 1-4 weeks is the best age to bring your baby in for their Newborn photography session. If you missed the ideal window 4 – 6 weeks is also fine for a Newborn session as long as you are aware they might not be as curled up and sleepy. 

Beyond 8 weeks the session is no longer classed as a Newborn session and will then be classed as a family session.

When is best to book my Newborn photography session?

It is best to book your session whilst you are still pregnant. Many women book once they have had their 12 week scan but anytime is perfectly fine. Due to babies arriving early or late it is often the case that I have last minute availability too. Also feel free to get in touch to see what is possible even if you have already had your baby!

Upon booking you will receive a session guide which goes over the session is lots of detail so you know what to expect.

“I would recommend Emma to people who want to capture their newborn in the early weeks with some beautiful photos. She was very professional and very very kind and great with the babies!”

– The Avory Family

If you have any questions or would like any information on booking a Newborn session please feel free to get in touch. I am always happy to help! I would love to be your Newborn photographer!

Emma xx

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5 things to consider before you book your Newborn photographer

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! I know what a wonderful and exciting time this is for you! Are you considering a Newborn photographer to capture those precious first few weeks? Read on for my best guidance when it comes to that all important decision

These images are going to be there to serve your memory for years to come. Anytime you want to relive all of those fleeting moments you will refer back to these beautiful images. You want to make sure you make the best choice.

Here are some helpful points to consider when choosing the perfect Newborn photographer


If a professional Newborn photography session is something you’d defiantly like once your baby arrives it is a good idea to start doing your research whilst you are still pregnant. Many Newborn photographers in Peterborough and surrounding areas can be booked well in advance. Once you have found your perfect Newborn photographer contact them to schedule your session. Most Newborn photographers will use your due date as a preliminary date. Once your baby is born we will schedule your proper session date. 


Consider the style of Newborn photography you are looking for. Once you have the style of photography in your mind you can easily narrow down your options.

You will want to consider where you want to display your images and the overall look you imagine. There are so many styles of Newborn photography. This can include elaborate posing or a baby-led Newborn posing. Images of baby on colourful or dark backgrounds or Newborn photographers who use no colour at all (like myself).  Newborn photographers that use a lot of props in their images or photographers that do not. Photography styles that have a specific style of editing or those that have a more natural approach to editing. 

You will want to think about where you plan to display your images. If you have a bright and colourful home your Newborn images are going to look perfect with bright and colourful colours incorporated into the images. If you have a neutral home, you might want to consider a Newborn photographer that focuses on neutral styling and colours.

newborn baby posed in a bowl with lots of textured white fabric  in front of a bright window
I am known for my bright, white, clean, simple, modern and timeless style of photography


Do you want to use a local Newborn photographer? Or, would you take into account photographers further afield? If you are traveling you might like to take a quick look at what amenities there are near by. You might like to eat a meal after the session before the long journey home. So in this case consider a studio that has some suitable restaurants near by perhaps.

Not all photographers have a dedicated studio space like I do. Everything in my studio has been chosen with you in mind! My Newborn photography studio supplies everything I need to create beautiful images for you and your family. I supply nappies, wipes, cotton wool, nappy bags, muslin clothes, snacks and water for your convenience. I want the experience to be as relaxing and stress free as possible.

If you were hoping to have photographs taken in your own home you will want to search for mobile Newborn photographers. 

Safety and experience

So now you have narrowed down your Newborn photographers based in the style of images you want for your memories and the location where you want to have them taken. It is time to start thinking about what you want your photographer to offer in terms of experience, knowledge and insurance etc. 

The Newborn photography industry is unregulated and therefore anyone can “be a Newborn photographer” without any training. Your Newborn baby is the most precious thing in your world right now. I understand that you want to sure you choose a professional you can trust to handle your baby with care and patience.

Reviews are fantastic way to research what other parents who have used the photographers services before are saying about their own experience.

How much experience your Newborn photographer has might be something else you will want to consider and if they have any training from another more experienced photographer. We all start somewhere and I wouldn’t disregard a new photographer as long as they are posing babies safely.

I have 8 years of Newborn photography experience and have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of Newborns, babies, children and families in those years. I have also had several training sessions with other experienced photographers and have trained other photographers too.

Behind the scenes of me using one of my techniques to comfort baby

What is included

It is important that once you have chosen your Newborn photographer you take a look to see what is included for your investment. You will want to consider what is important to you in terms of having your images as digital files, as prints, as wall art, provided on a USB etc. 

Some Newborn photographers will have a session fee that is taken like a deposit. It can sometimes be used towards a package and sometime it cannot. Other newborn photographers might have packages whereas others will be all inclusive. It is really important you check you fully understand what is included and what isn’t when you are viewing Newborn photography packages

There are Newborn photographers In Peterborough and surrounding areas to suit everyones budget. 

If you need any further help

If you need any further guidance then please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to help assist you in choosing the perfect Newborn photographer for you and you family. Your baby will grow and change, but you will always have these images to look back on. Make sure you love them!

If you feel that Olivia Rose Images could be the perfect Newborn photographer for you then I would be delighted to capture these memories for you! Send me an email and we can get you scheduled in!

Emma xx

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Newborn baby with blue eyes awake on a white blanket

“Will my baby’s eyes stay blue” is often a topic of conversation that often comes up in my Newborn photography sessions!

I thought I would do some research into this popular question. I was surprised with the answers I found, perhaps you will be too!

There is nothing better than looking into your baby’s big, beautiful, glossy eyes. It is easy to be curious about what whether their eyes will remain the colour they were born with, or if they will change and if so, when.

What determines a baby’s eye colour?

Genetics from mother and father determines what colour eyes your baby will have. The colour itself is made by a protein called Melanin. Melanin also determines babies hair colour and skin colour!  

Are all babies born with blue eyes?

I believed that all Newborn babies were born with blue eyes but according to this article from pampers this is a myth! They say that babies can be born with a range of different eye colours with brown being the most common but can range from grey to black!

When will my baby’s eye colour change?

The most noticeable change will happen when your Newborn baby is between 3-6 months. By the time your baby is 1 years old you should know what colour eyes they will have. However, some children’s eyes can change right up until the age of 6! Olivia has hazel colour eyes and have changed shades so many times! They used to be more hazel/green and now they are more light brown (she is 11).

What is the most unusual eye colour?

The answer to this varies by where you read but many sources seem to suggest that green eyes are the least common.

Can you tell what colour your baby will have before they are born?

There is a tremendous about of informative information on how parents genes can influence eye colour. I found this article by all about vision and they say-

“At one time, brown eye colour was considered “dominant” and blue eye colour was considered a “recessive” trait. But modern science has shown that eye colour is not that simple.

Eye color isn’t just a blend of the parents’ eye colours, as in mixing paint. Each parent has two pairs of genes on each chromosome, and multiple possibilities exist for how this genetic information is expressed in terms of eye colour”

Was your baby born with blue eyes? When did their eye colour change? Did they stay blue?

| Newborn photographer Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire | To find out more about my newborn sessions click here

If you google “how many per hours per day does a Newborn sleep”, the answer will be between 14-19 hours per day! You can almost guarantee those awake hours are going to be during the night- naturally! You might be interested in a Newborn photography session but question what happens if baby does not sleep

It is natural to worry that your baby won’t sleep- especially when most of the newborn images you see are of sleeping babies. Most babies sleep, some babies have an awake period and a few babies like to be awake the whole session! I am here to reassure you we can still achieve a beautiful gallery no matter what!

Recently, I photographed little Piper who decided to close her eyes for around 10 minute of her whole Newborn session. We still got a beautiful gallery and I would love to share a few of my favourite images from the session.

Newborn babies always have the most glossy blue eyes!

Capturing memories of your Newborn to remember how small they were, and to relive these moments in the future, is the aim of your session. That can definitely be achieved no matter if baby is awake or asleep!

If baby is awake it is a wonderful opportunity to use your hands as props to keep baby settled and secure, as opposed to flaring their arms and legs. Your hands are such a useful, not the mention beautiful, way of portraying just how small your baby is!

If baby needs some comforting during their awake period, this is a nice time to capture a memory of that special bond whilst breast feeding your baby, if you would like it for your gallery.

Awake Newborns are almost guaranteed to give some funny facial expressions for their gallery!

As with asleep babies, I like to capture all of those precious details including fingers and toes!

Newborn yawns also make for the most adorable images!

I have many techniques I use to soothe baby into a lovely sleep for their session. I hope that this post has reassured you that even when they are not sleeping I am still creating the best memories of your Newborn for you to treasure for a life time!

To view my Newborn portfolio please click here

Emma xx

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pregnant mother in white shirt standing closely with husband

5 compelling reasons why you should consider a Maternity session

17th May 2021

I have decided to dedicate a whole day, each month, to providing the mums-to-be of Peterborough with some precious images of this beautiful time in their life.


Here are 5 reasons why I think you should consider booking a session on my Maternity day!

1. There is no upfront cost when booking on my Maternity Event day!

Yep- that’s right- there is no upfront cost to have your Maternity session! Come along for your session and then only buy the images you love! More information on prices can be found here

2. You will never regret having this session

I am pretty confident that you are never going to sit and think to yourself “Wow I wish I never captured this beautiful time in my life that I will never get back to remember forever”. Trust me, from someone that has very few pictures of herself whilst pregnant, your future self will thank you for having this session! It is the best way to celebrate this chapter before your baby arrives!

3. You get the chance to meet me as your photographer

I know how important it is to choose a photographer to handle your baby with care and patience. If you are thinking of having a Newborn session or any other session in the future, it is really nice to meet your photographer before these sessions. By having a Maternity session on my Maternity Event day you can meet me, see how I work, visit my studio and get a feel for my style of photography before deciding on other sessions.

4. It isn’t as scary or uncomfortable as you think it might be!

Everyone that I have photographed has always said that I make them feel comfortable and relaxed during their session. But I do understand- I know that being photographed can sometimes feel very daunting. I will guide you through everything- I will let you know where best to place your hands, where to stand and where to look to get the most flattering images of you and your beautiful bump! Whilst I guide you through everything, I also ensure everything feels relaxed and natural.

5. Last but not least

I am not one to ruin a surprise but…there might just be a little goody bag at the end that I hope you will love!



close up of pregnant mothers baby bump

Maternity Event– When and where?

Maternity event days are held monthly (please check facebook/instagram for this months dates!) at my Peterborough studio and I would absolutely love for you to be there!

You can find out all the details here

Email me to book or drop me a message on my Facebook page!

Emma xx

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I don't follow trends!

5th March 2021

I mean, in my photography, because I have to admit, I am now a sucker for a labelled plastic jar/tub/container! Yes, that trend took over me like nothing else on this earth, but I am partially blaming lock down boredom for that one!

However, I can safely say, in my photography, I do not follow trends. I want to tell you why this is a really good thing to look out for when you are choosing your photographer! All white photography seems to have grown in popularity over the years but I think you will all know me by now for my recognisable all white, minimalistic style of photography by now. This is a style I have been refining over many years and absolutely love. I never wanted to be like every other photographer, I wanted to stay true to my love for minimalism, I wanted to stand out, I wanted to photograph my babies, families and children in a pure, simple, modern but timeless way. I think it would fair to say white is one of the hardest “colours” to photograph for many different reasons including the way it reacts to light and other colours. But it was always the style I loved the most and been relentless at mastering the style I am passionate about.

Throughout the years I have been a photographer there have been numerous trends in the Newborn photography world. I think the most rememberable for me was the cat scratcher trend. Yes you read that right! So there was this trend of buying this cat scratcher that was sort of a wave shape and baby would be posed in one of the curves. You could buy different fabric covers for it any everything! And, do not get me wrong here, the images using this prop were beautiful that is not what my point is. My point is that no one (that I have seen) uses it anymore. It was a trend that went out of fashion nearly as quickly as it came in! In my opinion, it puts a time stamp on the image. You cannot look at a Newborn baby gently swaddled in white, laying on beautiful textured white fabric cradled in their parents hands- and know what year that was taken in. It is a classic image that will never go out of fashion and look stunning on the wall of any interior design trend that might be popular at any given time!

I would just like to put a quick disclaimer in here and say in my earlier years I was defiantly overwhelmed with all the choice of props, popular trends and the many styles of photography to choose from and was swayed by a few prop trends- the newborn posing chair to name one! I have evolved so much as a photographer and if I could go back and tell my new photographer self everything I have written here I definitely would!

newborn baby boy posed in his tummy with parents hands on him

Another recent trend was a moon shaped pillow- I absolutely love the images created using this, I REALLY do and I have been tempted by this trend! But, I don’t know how long it will be the fashion for.

And this here is why I do not want to follow trends (even if I love the photos)…although, I cannot resist a big bow on a Newborn!

It is important to me that I stay true to the style I believe in passionately, be the most authentic version of my minimalistic self and provide my clients with a ever green gallery that will never date, rather than following all the many trends that come into fashion

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments- should I invest in Newborn props that are in fashion at the time?


Emma xx

Your free guide to stunning Newborn photographs at home

7th April 2020

Your free guide to creating beautiful images of your baby at home!

I have put together this simple, free guide to capturing some beautiful photographs of your baby at home. Whilst these images are never going to replace the ones you would get with a professional photographer- you will look at these images in years to come and love seeing how small they were. You will be so glad you captured them!

Depending on how soon you are due your baby, it is worth bearing in mind that babies even up to 6 weeks can “pose” very much like newborns and 12 week sessions have been some of my favourites in the past- they can smile and have such character! Do not rule out a professional photo session- even if it is a few weeks later than you had originally had in mind

Sitter sessions (when baby is sitting unaided) are another wonderful milestone session you might consider. I absolutely adore sitter sessions. 

This is a guide to create a simplistic set of images- with one, simple “pose” and it doesn’t matter if baby is awake or asleep! You could even try the series of images with baby both awake and asleep- why not!

I am using my stand-in-baby little Rosie to show you how to create these images. I am using my bean bag that I use in all my sessions and I purchased this from Dunelm. You might have a bean bag, or a foot stall, your bed, a sleepy head pod, even one of your sofa seat cushions on the floor- the surface area needs to be quite large to get enough of the “back drop” behind the baby” and so that the baby can safely be laid down without the worry of them rolling anywhere- you’d be surprised at how strong and wriggly they can be!


Items you’ll need to gather before your at home session

– a surface to use- bean bag, foot stool, sofa seat cushion

– some thick throws/non textured blankets/material

– A hand towel

– A blanket to wrap around baby

– A teddy

– Any little accessories if you are using them such as headbands or hats

How you have baby dressed for this is really up to you- a plain white vest would be my suggestion as it still shows a lot of their skin, the nappy is on so you do not need to worry about accidents and it makes a nice timeless image- babies- in white- there is nothing better!


How to set up your bean bag

The placement of your bean bag ( I am just going to call it a bean bag for the sake of the blog post!) is very important. It needs to be near a window as show in the photo above. I am using my patio doors- in the next few days take a note of where the sun comes into your home and which windows are the brightest. The light does not need to be directional (by that I mean, the sun doesn’t need to be shining directly through the window) the window just needs to be bright and your “bean bag” quite close

You will need to use a few thick throws/fleecy blankets over the surface you are using- in my case my bean bag. This made a nice smooth “back drop”. If you throws are big enough, fold them so you have a double layer from one throw

You will then need a rolled up hand towel under the layers of throws/blankets as a little cushion for babies head- to raise the head up ensuring it is the main focus of the image

Where to begin

-Ensuring that baby has a full tummy and is nice and warm is going to give you the best chance of capturing these images successfully

-You will want to gently lay baby down on their back on your make shift bean bag making sure their head is resting on that pillow we just made!

-At this point it doesn’t matter if baby is awake or asleep but we will assume they are asleep (I will talk about what to do if they are awake further down).


Capturing the first shot

The first image to get is of baby laying just as you’ve placed them- their hands might naturally rest on their chest or tummy, they might naturally pull their hands to their face, they might draw their legs up, or relax them out- however they naturally pose themselves when you lay them down- capture that shot. Start by standing on the left side of the bean bag with the window on right and take a full body shot from this angle

Next move in and get a close up of just baby’s face. This is a particularly lovely image that I love to get in all my newborn sessions. I love how the light comes in and highlights their side profile detailing all their little facial features

At this point, depending on how their hands naturally fell, you could try and gently reposition their hands. Babies will naturally want to clench their fists but if they are relaxed enough they will open up their fists and lay their hands flat- try stroking the back of their hand- when their fist uncurled lay their hands flat on their chest- gently hold your hands or fingers over theirs for a few moments whilst they adjust to the new position. If they move their hands- do not stress about it- it isn’t what is important and you can always try again at a later stage (or another day) if you really wanted to!

With their hands newly positioned (or not), whilst still standing to the left side, come further above baby and capture this angle

At this point you could add a teddy- something that has been given as a present or that you have brought baby. You could use this teddy to do a month photo and see how baby grows next to this teddy over their first year!

Gently open out their arm and place the teddy in close to them. If baby has a little squirm just gently hold them in place and give them a little shush

Ta-da! Simple, stressfree and timeless

So there is a basic set of 9 beautiful keepsake images that capture your baby as a newborn- simple, stress-free and timeless!

Do not forget to add your little accessories if you wish to- head bands or a little hat for example and capture different angles if you want to get creative! Close ups of the swirl on the back of their head, their fingers curled around your finger and their fuzzy ears could be extras you might like to include

If baby is awake (or you want to try a different look)

If baby is awake, or you want to get the set with baby asleep and awake- it might be best to use a little basic swaddle. This isn’t my full swaddle that all the parents are amazed by in the studio. This is just a basic one to keep those arms from flying around! Babies have no control over their arms or legs as newborns so by giving them some security from a swaddle helps to keep them settled and ensures you can get some lovely images of their face without the windmill arms! However, if you wanted to add some of baby having a stretch and waving their arms about you should defiantly do that!

So you will need a long (ish) piece of material, or a blanket (something you’ve brought or made for them would be a nice sentimental touch), even a scarf would be suitable.

-Lay the material/blanket/scarf out on your bean bag, place baby in the middle with their arms by their sides, and then simply criss cross the material over baby and tuck it under them to hold it in place. Do not worry about their legs- just concentrate on containing the arms!

-Take a full length and close up of their face, the side profile we captured in the first set

-Then wrap the material round the babies feet and grab some close ups of their feet- from above so you can see all their toes and from below so you can see their soles would both make great images

Place their little teddy next to them and take the images with the teddy



*Always ensure safety of the baby when asking siblings join their baby brother/sister. Make sure you have someone to “spot/watch ” the baby ensuring they can’t make their way off the bean bag whilst your helping their older sibling into position*

My Olivia came and helped me for the next few images!

If you have siblings then leave baby in the position on their back and ask the sibling to come and kiss baby on the forehead. It will make a lovely “silleuette” type shot against the bright window.

You can see the back ground here- and that is not important- do not worry about that. The main focus of this image are the children (or stand in baby in this case!)


I personally wouldn’t worry about editing. For these images I have made no edits- I didn’t think it would be fair to show you editing DIY newborn session images! These are all straight from the camera.

If you are using your phone then I would advise just using your cameras “Editing” functions to play around with the brightness and perhaps crop the edges if you need to- like I need to in some of these.

If you are using a DSLR or a compact camera then I am sure there are some free editing programs out there (but cannot recommend any because i haven’t used any) but cameras usually come with a editing program. I would not try and adjust the photos any further than just playing with exposure, white balance if you need to and cropping. The more natural the better!

I really hope that this little guide was useful to you and gives you some inspiration and confidence to capture these Newborn images. If you did find this useful it would be amazing if you could leave me a comment and share this with anyone else you think might be interested in reading! It would mean a lot to me!

If you have any questions let me know in the comments, email or DM me and I will be happy to help

Also, feel free to share your images with me afterwards too! I would love to see them!

Thank you


Emma xx

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The complete guide to what to bring to your Newborn session

13th March 2020

The best thing about my style of photography is that I do not need a lot at all to produce a beautiful Newborn gallery for you and your family to cherish forever!

I would say, all I need to produce a beautiful, full newborn gallery for you is a piece of white material, a smaller piece of white material, something to pose baby on, 1 prop and your baby.

Luckily, out of those 5 items- you only need to provide one! And that (I hope it goes without saying but I will say it anyway!) is the baby!  …and milk if you are bottle feeding. This is quite essential!

Honesty, if you just turn up with baby in one arm- that is enough! – just be sure that if you are bottle feeding that there is a bottle of milk in the other hand!

However, you might like to bring:

– spare nappies

– wipes (if you use wipes)

– a dummy (if you use a dummy definitely bring it along)

– muslin cloths

– a special teddy or blanket (if these are special items that you particularly want in the images)

– snacks and drinks for yourselves (and siblings)

– entertainment for siblings (the session can feel like a long time for them!)

– spare clothes for yourselves (yes, there have been times that baby has wee’d etc on parents during the parent and baby poses!

*extra milk (if you are bottle feeding) is a must*

Sometimes babies need a little extra top up (or a full feed) and I am always baby led. If baby needs to feed- we feed baby!

As you see the things you might like to bring are mostly items you would usually carry in your changing bag with you anyway so do not stress about the things you “need” to bring.

If you forget anything I have the following items in the studio for you to use for your convenience

– spare nappies

– cotton wool

– water wipes

– nappy bags

– muslin cloths

– hand sanitiser

I hope this information makes you feel at ease about your session! Do not panic if you forget everything! ……



 To view my Newborn photography portfolio click here

Emma xx