It makes my heart happy to be able to provide my clients with images of their family, baby, child or even themselves, that will be cherished and passed down through the generations of their family.

Thank you for visiting my website and wanting to find out more about me and my business!

Olivia Rose Images is named after my daughter- Olivia Rose! My name is Emma. Everyone calls me Olivia but I don’t mind as I, obviously, love the name! So that’s the confusing name situation explained.

What more could I tell you about me..to sum myself up in a nutshell I would use the words calm, creativity, coffee and chocolate! 

Everyone tells me that I make them feel calm and relaxed- and I must admit I do have a lot of patience. If my patience is lost- you’ll know there is a good reason for it! I love a good guided mediation and will often be found with crystals attached to me or an essential oil or two dabbed on a pressure point somewhere (I am qualified in aromatherapy did you know!)

Creativity- I love anything and everything creative I have a creative brain through and through! In fact, if I haven’t been creative for a day or so, I will actually get withdrawals and be sad!

Coffee- no explanation needed there- I am a parent with a creative brain! I take mine black, no sugar, and preferably in a glass mug (but I will happily accept any mug if your making!)

Which brings me fabulously onto the last point- chocolate. I think most people would say they have a sweet tooth, when they say they enjoy sugary treats, I have the full set of sweet teeth! I love anything sugary but I especially love anything chocolatey!


Now you know the most important things about me I should now tell you about how Olivia Rose Images began….

I never intended to be a photographer- when I was a child I always wanted to be a nurse! I was a Carer for several years before having Olivia and thoroughly enjoyed my role- looking after people and really getting to know the families of the people I was caring for was fantastic. Making a difference to people’s lives and helping others is truely what I believe I was born to do. I absolutely love meeting new people, listening to their stories and experiences, becoming a part of their new stories.

A little over 7 years ago my Uncle lent me a camera- I photographed Olivia and my Niece. I would take it out and about with me. I then photographed my friends babies- and instantly fell in love with photography. It just amazes me how a moment in time, that we will never ever be able to get back, can be captured in a photograph. How many times have you completely forgotten something- until you look a photograph and all the memories of that moment come flooding back? That is why I call photographs “time portals to the past”.

It makes my heart happy to be able to provide my clients with images of their family, baby, child or even themselves, that will be cherished and passed down through the generations of their family. I am so priveledged to be given the oppurtunity to meet so many families and document their stories

I like to keep my images simple- using all white set ups. I have been specialising in this style of photography for many years now and have mastered this pure and simple look. I love to creative modern and natural images that are still going to look fabulous in 50 years time! I want them to take pride of place in your family home. When you book a session with me you know that your images will compliment your modern style and any decor you have in your home already!

When I am not capturing memories for your family, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, doing something else creative or charging my crystals in the rain or sunshine – I can be found a good meal amongst friends and family with plenty of laughs! Taking a  long walk with my pup, relaxing with some crochet or cleaning the house with an audio book in my ear phones- I find that really quite therapeutic!

I hope that this give you some insight into me and where it all began- I would love to be your photographer! 

Welcome to the Studio!

Warmed to the optimal temperature for babies- everything in here has been specifically chosen to compliment my minimalist, simple, modern and natural approach to my photography. Walking into my bright white space- you will instantly feel the calming and relaxing vibes!

I have chosen not to fill my space with dozens of props, instead, I have a few specially selected props that I absolutely love and that I know look amazing in your images.

I love introducing lots of soft beautiful textures to my images Everything is chosen to be soft and delicate in appearance and feel to ensure it is comfortable for baby. Every item that comes into contact with baby during the session is washed using non bio washing powder and laundry cleanser.

I have a selection of essentials just incase you forget to bring anything along including muslin cloths, nappies, wipes, cotton wool and nappy bags.