a close up image on newborn baby fingers

What is the best age for a newborn photography session?

What age is best for a Newborn photography session? If you are looking for a Newborn photography session in Peterborough you might be wondering what the perfect age is.  Newborn photography session is just that- a photography session to capture your Newborn as, well, a Newborn. As of those little...

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newborn baby girl laying on a ruffled white blanket swaddled

Why I love photographing Newborns on pure white

If someone said to you “describe the colour white” (ok I know technically white isn’t a colour but go along with me!) the words that might spring to mind would probably be “pure, innocent, fresh, perfect, new”. If someone then asked you to you “describe a newborn baby” the words...

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newborn baby yawning laying on a white blanket photographed my Newborn photographer Peterborough

What Is Birth Trauma And How Could A Coach Help Me?

You have just given birth to your beautiful baby. Now it is time to enjoy the Newborn baby bubble. Those first few weeks of bringing home your baby is pure joy. You cannot stop staring at them, amazed at how wonderful the human body is. In awe of yourself for...

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baby boy with dark hair asleep under a white blanket

Which Newborn photography session is right for me?

If you are expecting a baby- congratulations! You are probably here reading this because you are considering which Newborn photography session is right for you! I am going to explain the differences between them so you can make the most informed choice. I know how precious these Newborn moments are!...

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Important things to consider when booking your Newborn photographer

5 things to consider before you book your Newborn photographer Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! I know what a wonderful and exciting time this is for you! Are you considering a Newborn photographer to capture those precious first few weeks? Read on for my best guidance when it comes...

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