Is it time to book a sitter session?

Although Maternity and Newborn photography is what I specialise in and absolutely love with all of my soul…sitter sessions come a really second!

What is a sitter session?

A sitter session is a photography session that focuses on capturing the milestone of sitting independently! It is one of the big milestones in baby’s first year. I find it amazing the transition babies go through in those short few months. From being a newborn baby into a baby that can sit, roll, smile, laugh and play. It truly is remarkable the difference in such a small amount of time.

What to expect during a sitter session

Sitter sessions are typically quite short (45 minutes- 1 hour) but packed full of adorable moments and images! As with all of my sessions, the focus is solely on your baby and capturing all those special things that make up your baby and their personality at this time.

When you look back on these images in years to come I want you to be able to instantly remember all of those unique characteristics. In each and every image I want your baby to be the star of the photograph, not my props. I only need your baby just as they are to create beautiful photos- although I do love me some textured blankets and cushions for good measure!

During sitter sessions we are able to guide baby into a variety of different “poses” such as sitting, laying on their tummy, laying down grabbing their little toes. I love to capture their little details such as hand, feet, hair quiffs and eyelashes. I also love to photograph them with their favourite toy or special blanket. 

This is a image I love to create during every sitter session. I love the way the light falls on babies face, mums hands giving reassuring support and baby smiling at mum with all that love on their face!

When is the best time to book a sitter session

The ideal time for a sitter session will vary for each baby as they all develop at different rates. The perfect time for a sitter session is when baby is able to sit confidently unaided but not yet crawling. 

However, if baby is already on the move- it isn’t too late- you just won’t need to book a gym session for that week!

Once baby begins to show signs of sitting confidently and independently that is a great time to pencil your session in. We can get your session in the diary and then adjust the date of the session if necessary. 

What should I bring to my sitter session

I would always recommend a drink and a snack for baby. They sometimes need a little pick me up half way through the session! Other than this, you might like to bring an outfit. I do have a couple of lovely neutral sitter outfits if you would like to use any of those. 

If baby has a sentimental teddy or blanket that you would like featured in some of the images feel free to bring those along too!

Other than this you do not need to bring anything with you other than the usual things you would bring out like nappies. 

How to book

I would be delighted to be your photographer for this super adorable milestone! If you would like to ask any questions or to book a session please feel free to email me and I will be happy to help!

Emma xx

| Olivia Rose Images is a photographer based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. I specialise in Newborn and Maternity photography but also photograph older babies, sitter sessions, families and first birthday sessions! |

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