School photos- you can be there for

Not long now until another year of school comes to an end!

For some of you this might be your child’s last year at Primary school! That is the case for me. Everyone says it will go fast, but you just can’t imagine that it will. Then it does! I cannot believe these are Olivia’s last few weeks of Primary school!

Weather it has been your child’s first year, last year, or all the years in between, if you are looking for a professional school photo that you have more control over- your in the right place!

Every year parents get in touch with me as they are not 100% happy with their child’s school photo. For instance, they would have liked a sibling photo and their school didn’t offer it. Perhaps their child was poorly on the day and was absent or they simply just prefer my photos!

In addition to the reasons above, if you’d like to be there to ensure your child’s hair is how you’d like it, their smile is their real smile and their uniform is how you’d like it- book a school session with me to mark the end of their year. Or possibly, the end of their Primary school years!

The details

  • The session is £10
  • Your images are £10 each there after
  • You will receive a gallery link to your child’s images. You can choose the image(s) you’d like to purchase from there. The sessions will be around 15 minutes long, although we may not need the whole 15 minutes.
  • Your images will be provided as digital downloads. This means you can share with your family and friends, print and enlarge your images as you wish.
  • End of year school sessions will be held on Saturday 9th July
  • To book a session please email me here – and let me know what time would be best for you. I will let you know what times I have available that match closest to your preferred time

Thank you, I look forward to creating these memories for you to look back on!

Emma xx

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  1. Hi I would like to book with you for the end of school year photo has I would of loved all 3 of mine together in their school photos many thanks Kelly

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