I don't follow trends!

5th March 2021

I mean, in my photography, because I have to admit, I am now a sucker for a labelled plastic jar/tub/container! Yes, that trend took over me like nothing else on this earth, but I am partially blaming lock down boredom for that one!

However, I can safely say, in my photography, I do not follow trends. I want to tell you why this is a really good thing to look out for when you are choosing your photographer! All white photography seems to have grown in popularity over the years but I think you will all know me by now for my recognisable all white, minimalistic style of photography by now. This is a style I have been refining over many years and absolutely love. I never wanted to be like every other photographer, I wanted to stay true to my love for minimalism, I wanted to stand out, I wanted to photograph my babies, families and children in a pure, simple, modern but timeless way. I think it would fair to say white is one of the hardest “colours” to photograph for many different reasons including the way it reacts to light and other colours. But it was always the style I loved the most and been relentless at mastering the style I am passionate about.

Throughout the years I have been a photographer there have been numerous trends in the Newborn photography world. I think the most rememberable for me was the cat scratcher trend. Yes you read that right! So there was this trend of buying this cat scratcher that was sort of a wave shape and baby would be posed in one of the curves. You could buy different fabric covers for it any everything! And, do not get me wrong here, the images using this prop were beautiful that is not what my point is. My point is that no one (that I have seen) uses it anymore. It was a trend that went out of fashion nearly as quickly as it came in! In my opinion, it puts a time stamp on the image. You cannot look at a Newborn baby gently swaddled in white, laying on beautiful textured white fabric cradled in their parents hands- and know what year that was taken in. It is a classic image that will never go out of fashion and look stunning on the wall of any interior design trend that might be popular at any given time!

I would just like to put a quick disclaimer in here and say in my earlier years I was defiantly overwhelmed with all the choice of props, popular trends and the many styles of photography to choose from and was swayed by a few prop trends- the newborn posing chair to name one! I have evolved so much as a photographer and if I could go back and tell my new photographer self everything I have written here I definitely would!

newborn baby boy posed in his tummy with parents hands on him

Another recent trend was a moon shaped pillow- I absolutely love the images created using this, I REALLY do and I have been tempted by this trend! But, I don’t know how long it will be the fashion for.

And this here is why I do not want to follow trends (even if I love the photos)…although, I cannot resist a big bow on a Newborn!

It is important to me that I stay true to the style I believe in passionately, be the most authentic version of my minimalistic self and provide my clients with a ever green gallery that will never date, rather than following all the many trends that come into fashion

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments- should I invest in Newborn props that are in fashion at the time?


Emma xx