What if my newborn doesn’t sleep for their Newborn photography session? 

If you google “how many per hours per day does a Newborn sleep”, the answer will be between 14-19 hours per day! You can almost guarantee those awake hours are going to be during the night- naturally! You might be interested in a Newborn photography session but question what happens if baby does not sleep

It is natural to worry that your baby won’t sleep- especially when most of the newborn images you see are of sleeping babies. Most babies sleep, some babies have an awake period and a few babies like to be awake the whole session! I am here to reassure you we can still achieve a beautiful gallery no matter what!

Recently, I photographed little Piper who decided to close her eyes for around 10 minute of her whole Newborn session. We still got a beautiful gallery and I would love to share a few of my favourite images from the session.

Newborn babies always have the most glossy blue eyes!

Capturing memories of your Newborn to remember how small they were, and to relive these moments in the future, is the aim of your session. That can definitely be achieved no matter if baby is awake or asleep!

If baby is awake it is a wonderful opportunity to use your hands as props to keep baby settled and secure, as opposed to flaring their arms and legs. Your hands are such a useful, not the mention beautiful, way of portraying just how small your baby is!

If baby needs some comforting during their awake period, this is a nice time to capture a memory of that special bond whilst breast feeding your baby, if you would like it for your gallery.

Awake Newborns are almost guaranteed to give some funny facial expressions for their gallery!

As with asleep babies, I like to capture all of those precious details including fingers and toes!

Newborn yawns also make for the most adorable images!

I have many techniques I use to soothe baby into a lovely sleep for their session. I hope that this post has reassured you that even when they are not sleeping I am still creating the best memories of your Newborn for you to treasure for a life time!

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Emma xx

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