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Not long now until another year of school comes to an end!

For some of you this might be your child’s last year at Primary school! That is the case for me. Everyone says it will go fast, but you just can’t imagine that it will. Then it does! I cannot believe these are Olivia’s last few weeks of Primary school!

Weather it has been your child’s first year, last year, or all the years in between, if you are looking for a professional school photo that you have more control over- your in the right place!

Every year parents get in touch with me as they are not 100% happy with their child’s school photo. For instance, they would have liked a sibling photo and their school didn’t offer it. Perhaps their child was poorly on the day and was absent or they simply just prefer my photos!

In addition to the reasons above, if you’d like to be there to ensure your child’s hair is how you’d like it, their smile is their real smile and their uniform is how you’d like it- book a school session with me to mark the end of their year. Or possibly, the end of their Primary school years!

The details

  • The session is £10
  • Your images are £10 each there after
  • You will receive a gallery link to your child’s images. You can choose the image(s) you’d like to purchase from there. The sessions will be around 15 minutes long, although we may not need the whole 15 minutes.
  • Your images will be provided as digital downloads. This means you can share with your family and friends, print and enlarge your images as you wish.
  • End of year school sessions will be held on Saturday 9th July
  • To book a session please email me here – emma@oliviaroseimages.co.uk and let me know what time would be best for you. I will let you know what times I have available that match closest to your preferred time

Thank you, I look forward to creating these memories for you to look back on!

Emma xx

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How to keep Newborn born babies cool during a heat wave

As the weather warms up for summer, finally, you might be wondering what you can do to keep your Newborn cool. 

For us adults we can sip on iced coffee and walk around the house with a cool pack strapped to us with a wet towel wrapped around our heads. Oh, is that just me? Older babies can have a dip in the paddling pool and have frozen treats..

For Newborn baby’s the heat can be particularly dangerous and it is harder to think of safe, ideal ways to keep them cool. 

Here are some ways you can keep your Newborn cool during the hotter months

1. Increase fluid intake

On extremely hot days babies may need up to 50% more fluids than usual. Increasing their fluid intake stops baby from becoming dehydrated. If you are breast feeding ensure you are increasing your fluid intake too.

The two main signs of dehydration in babies is less wet nappies (less that 6 in a day) and a dry mouth. If baby begins to show these signs give them milk straight away.

In regards to giving your baby water the NHS website says formula fed babies can have cool boiled water in very hot weather however-

“For babies under 6 months, you should not use water straight from the mains tap in the kitchen as it is not sterile. You will need to boil the tap water first and then let it cool down. Water for babies over 6 months doesn’t need to be boiled.”

mother breasting newborn baby wearing a white dress

2. Keep the room cool

Keep curtains/blinds closed so the sun cannot get in. You can do this in your living room if that is where you will be most of the day. As well as your living room, you can also do this where baby sleeps.

As heat rises, you might consider sleeping downstairs for a few nights when it is extremely hot. Our heat waves in the UK never last too long so it might be worth considering

3. Keep an eye on the temperature

Keep an eye on the temperate of the room your baby is in. Especially the room your baby will be sleeping in. Somewhere between 16-20 degrees celsius is the ideal room temperature for a sleeping baby.

Using a fan can also help to cool and circulate the air.

4. Limit clothing

As a general rule of thumb, a baby needs one more layer than we do. Therefore if you are not wearing pyjamas to bed then your baby will need a layer. A thin, cotton, short sleeve or no sleeved vest is ideal. If it is very hot then do not be afraid to have them just in their nappy. Keep an eye on the temperate of the room and of baby.

You can keep if baby is hot by checking baby’s chest or on the back of the neck. If their skin is hot and sweaty remove a layer of clothing, move rooms or cool them with a cool flannel.

sleeping newborn baby on white background photographed by newborn photographer in Peterborough

5. Give baby a cool bath

A nice cool bath before bed (or during the day) is sure to cool your Newborn down in no time. Just be sure the water isn’t cold. A cool bath cools body temperature from the core as well as cooling the skin and washing away and stickiness.

6. Use cotton sheets

At bed time use cotton sheets for your baby. Cotton is the coolest material so a good choice for bedding during the warmer months.

Do not use blankets to cover baby. A cotton sheet secured safely so that it cannot cover baby’s face is best, if a covering is needed.

7. Cool compress

Patting baby down with a cool flannel can be really refreshing and cooling for baby- as well as older babies, children and adults!


Newborn babies cannot regulate their own body temperature so it is really important that we do this for them. Regularly check your baby’s temperature by checking the back of their neck or their chest. Remember than baby’s feet and hands are usually colder and this doesn’t necessary indicate that baby is cold

What about mum…

If you would like some fantastic tips on how to keep yourself cool during the warmer weather (particularly if you are pregnant) then check out this blog post. Vicki, over at Sunflower birthing has put together some great tips for us all to stay cool and refreshed!

Is there anything you have tried to keep you or your baby cool? Share them with me in the comments!

I hope you all enjoy the beautiful weather whilst we have it!

Emma xx

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8 month baby boy with blue eyes on a white background

Although Maternity and Newborn photography is what I specialise in and absolutely love with all of my soul…sitter sessions come a really second!

What is a sitter session?

A sitter session is a photography session that focuses on capturing the milestone of sitting independently! It is one of the big milestones in baby’s first year. I find it amazing the transition babies go through in those short few months. From being a newborn baby into a baby that can sit, roll, smile, laugh and play. It truly is remarkable the difference in such a small amount of time.

What to expect during a sitter session

Sitter sessions are typically quite short (45 minutes- 1 hour) but packed full of adorable moments and images! As with all of my sessions, the focus is solely on your baby and capturing all those special things that make up your baby and their personality at this time.

When you look back on these images in years to come I want you to be able to instantly remember all of those unique characteristics. In each and every image I want your baby to be the star of the photograph, not my props. I only need your baby just as they are to create beautiful photos- although I do love me some textured blankets and cushions for good measure!

During sitter sessions we are able to guide baby into a variety of different “poses” such as sitting, laying on their tummy, laying down grabbing their little toes. I love to capture their little details such as hand, feet, hair quiffs and eyelashes. I also love to photograph them with their favourite toy or special blanket. 

This is a image I love to create during every sitter session. I love the way the light falls on babies face, mums hands giving reassuring support and baby smiling at mum with all that love on their face!

When is the best time to book a sitter session

The ideal time for a sitter session will vary for each baby as they all develop at different rates. The perfect time for a sitter session is when baby is able to sit confidently unaided but not yet crawling. 

However, if baby is already on the move- it isn’t too late- you just won’t need to book a gym session for that week!

Once baby begins to show signs of sitting confidently and independently that is a great time to pencil your session in. We can get your session in the diary and then adjust the date of the session if necessary. 

What should I bring to my sitter session

I would always recommend a drink and a snack for baby. They sometimes need a little pick me up half way through the session! Other than this, you might like to bring an outfit. I do have a couple of lovely neutral sitter outfits if you would like to use any of those. 

If baby has a sentimental teddy or blanket that you would like featured in some of the images feel free to bring those along too!

Other than this you do not need to bring anything with you other than the usual things you would bring out like nappies. 

How to book

I would be delighted to be your photographer for this super adorable milestone! If you would like to ask any questions or to book a session please feel free to email me and I will be happy to help!


Emma xx

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a close up image on newborn baby fingers

What age is best for a Newborn photography session?

If you are looking for a Newborn photography session in Peterborough you might be wondering what the perfect age is. 

Newborn photography session is just that- a photography session to capture your Newborn as, well, a Newborn. As of those little details and features that make your baby “Newborn”. The way they curl up just like they were in the womb, their dry skin from adjusting to life outside the womb, their sleepiness and not to mention their tiny fingers and toes! It is no wonder why Newborn photography sessions are so popular. Who wouldn’t want those adorable features documented forever? All of those things that are unique to your baby in those first few weeks- photographed for you to remember forever. 

a close up image on newborn baby fingers

What age is best ?

Many Newborn photographers say 2 weeks and under is the best age. But I am, in many ways, not like most Newborn photographers! I have photographed so many different aged babies in the last 8 years. I never refuse to photograph a baby just because they do not fit in my ideal age range. I am confident that I can get a beautiful gallery of any baby no matter how many weeks they are.

Whilst this information is my ideal from my experience of being a Newborn photographer for the past 8 years, it is always worth checking with your Newborn photographer for their ideal age.

A sweet baby girl I photographed at 8 weeks old- full of smiles!

With that being said…

If you are looking for curly, posed, more likely to be asleep images then anywhere between 1-4 weeks is my definition of the “ideal” age for your Newborn photography session. You will be amazed at how different your baby looks at 3 weeks old and 6 weeks old! Trust me! Ideally 1-4 weeks old is perfect.


What if my baby is older?

Beyond 4 weeks baby might tend to be naturally less “curly” as they have had more time to adjust to being outside of the womb. You might also find they are awake for longer periods of time and not as sleepy as they were in those earlier weeks. 

None of this is an issue- it is just important to highlight the differences between bringing your baby in earlier and leaving it a little later. Letting you know what to expect is important.

To conclude

At any age, no matter how many weeks old your baby is I can create a beautiful gallery for you. If you are looking for the very Newborn images between 1-4 weeks is the best age to bring your baby in for their Newborn photography session. If you missed the ideal window 4 – 6 weeks is also fine for a Newborn session as long as you are aware they might not be as curled up and sleepy. 

Beyond 8 weeks the session is no longer classed as a Newborn session and will then be classed as a family session.

When is best to book my Newborn photography session?

It is best to book your session whilst you are still pregnant. Many women book once they have had their 12 week scan but anytime is perfectly fine. Due to babies arriving early or late it is often the case that I have last minute availability too. Also feel free to get in touch to see what is possible even if you have already had your baby!

Upon booking you will receive a session guide which goes over the session is lots of detail so you know what to expect.

“I would recommend Emma to people who want to capture their newborn in the early weeks with some beautiful photos. She was very professional and very very kind and great with the babies!”

– The Avory Family

If you have any questions or would like any information on booking a Newborn session please feel free to get in touch. I am always happy to help! I would love to be your Newborn photographer!


Emma xx

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newborn baby girl laying on a ruffled white blanket swaddled

If someone said to you “describe the colour white” (ok I know technically white isn’t a colour but go along with me!) the words that might spring to mind would probably be “pure, innocent, fresh, perfect, new”. If someone then asked you to you “describe a newborn baby” the words you used to answer the first question would probably be the same! 

newborn baby girl laying on a ruffled white blanket swaddled

the colour white is the most perfect fit for a newborn baby

I believe that the colour white and newborn babies fit perfectly together- as though they were made for each other! 

A simplistic approach to my Newborn photography enables me to ensure the baby is the whole image. Nothing added- your baby is all that is needed to create a beautiful image. The white colour palette lends itself perfectly to the natural essence of a newborn baby

newborn baby toes wrapped in a knitted white blanket

Aesthetically pleasing to my creative vision

When I first started out as a Newborn photographer I would spend a long time going through google images and pinterest looking at professional Newborn photography for inspiration for my own work. The images that always caught my eye and stood out were the pure white ones. Aesthetically, it is what my artistic vision likes the look of. Once I start incorporating all white set ups into my work, that was it, I was hooked and never went back! I fall in love with my galleries all the time just as much as my clients do!

newborn baby girl swaddled in a white material laying asleep on a white blanket wearing a headband

A stress free environment to create your Newborn images

I had to let go of the belief that I needed endless props and bean bag material in every colour to create the “perfect photo”. Truth is none of that is needed at all! Just your already perfect newborn.

Not needing to have and store an abundance of props means that I have a clutter free spacious environment. It makes me feel so calm, centred and allows my mind to be free to be creative. My clutter free studio is the ideal stress free environment for parents and baby. I know that my studio is often one of the first places parents will visit with their baby and I want it to be as relaxing as possible!

newborn specialist photography studio

Without all the added extras in terms of props and colours the attention is all on the baby- how the baby is posed, the composition of the shot, how the light is falling and the pureness of the white. There are no distractions so everything has to look good- otherwise it is really going to stand out! I ensure I get creative with light, pose, angles and textures to add an element of artistic interest to the image.


Ensures images remain timeless

My bright white, airy, minimalist photographs would beautifully compliment a modern home interior design. In 50 years time when trends have moved on and something else is modern and fashionable- these images are still going to look classic and timeless! There is nothing in the photo to make it dated or old fashioned. There is no time stamp on these images. You cannot tell what year they were taken by anything that is used in the image. Photography trends come and go so quickly but these will remain timeless. You can enjoy and display them forever! Plus, no matter when you come back for updated images in the future the style of all your photography sessions with me will be the same! Meaning that all of your images compliment each other beautifully next to each other!

What do you think of an all white minimalist style? Is it your vision of the perfect photo of a newborn baby? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments

Emma xx

| If you are due a baby in Peterborough (or surrounding areas) I would love to be your Newborn photographer! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions- I would be more than happy to help! emma@oliviaroseimages.co.uk |

a one year old girl in sequin peach dress holding a cupcake

Your baby is turning one! What a special milestone and one that calls for celebration that is for sure! It always amazes me just how much a baby grows, learns and develops in just 1 year. From being Newborn and being very dependant, to being able to play, crawl and eat solid foods. It is truly so impressive!

Back when I first began my photography journey I thought that cake smashes were the only way to celebrate babies turning one years old. That is what the majority of photographers were doing and, at the beginning, I used to get caught up with what everyone else was doing. The only thing was, I really wasn’t enjoying them. Admittedly, I did get to be creative. I used to paint my own paint drops and make my own props. But they were my least favourite session by far.

Once I had transitioned over into my pure white, minimalistic and timeless style the cake smashes just seemed miles apart from the style of the rest of my photography. They were colourful, full of props and messy. I would use big cakes like I have seen on pinterest and like I have seen others use and it would always be 50/50 as to if the baby even knew what to do with the cake! I had visions of baby going face first into the cake and loving it! But it rarely happened like that. Maybe the babies were overwhelmed with all the colours and new textures and tastes of the big cake.

I made the switch over to my simpler first birthday sessions about 5 years ago and honestly, have never looked back!

one year old girl with pink bow eating a cupcake

Now my first birthday sessions are in keeping with the style of all of the rest of my sessions. My main aim is that no matter what year you come to me for a session and no matter what session you choose- your images will all match and look cohesive together! They are going to look amazing in your albums and on your walls no matter if you came for a Newborn photography session, sitter session, a family session or first birthday session!

During my first birthday sessions the session is no longer focused on the cake. The “success” of a session no longer hinges on how much the baby likes the cake. Now the focus is fully on the real star of the session- your one year old baby!

one year old boy showing the camera a piece of cake during his first birthday photo shoot

There is a lot more emphasis on portraits of your one year old at their first birthday milestone! The props that I do use are all in keeping with my style. I have my O-N-E letters, my white rocking horse, my little white car and a white chair. They have all been carefully chosen to be loved by the babies and to look neutral in the images. Not drawing too much attention away from the main subject of each and every image- your baby!

on year old girl on a rocking horse wearing a peach dress

And of course, we couldn’t have someone celebrating their first birthday without cake could we! We still have cake! However, I use small cupcakes that are much more in proportion to baby! Trust me, they know exactly what to do with those little cakes! They pick them straight up to explore it as if it were a toy. We all know what happens to anything a one year olds pick up- straight in the mouth!

These days I absolutely love cake sessions! The babies are all full of character and I love seeing their reactions to the cakes.

By allowing my passion for all white, minimalist photography that focuses solely on the baby, their family, their joy and love, it has allowed me to fall back in love with these types of sessions. I followed my heart and decided to do something I have never seen anyone else do.

First birthday sessions are a fabulous way to celebrate your baby turning one years old! I would love to document this special milestone for you and your family. You will be able to travel back to this milestone, through these images and remember every detail of how your baby was at one years old. These images will remain classic and timeless. You can come back to my studio year after year and add to your collection of images knowing they will all match seamlessly!

What is more, your first birthday includes ALL the digital images from your session! No choosing!

a one year old girl standing in a peach dress eating a cupcake

To view my package please click here

Please feel free to message me if you’d like any further information about my first birthday session please email me and I will be happy to help!

Please feel free to message me if you’d like any further information about my first birthday session please email me and I will be happy to help! emma@oliviaroseimages.co.uk

Emma xx

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newborn baby yawning laying on a white blanket photographed my Newborn photographer Peterborough

You have just given birth to your beautiful baby. Now it is time to enjoy the Newborn baby bubble. Those first few weeks of bringing home your baby is pure joy. You cannot stop staring at them, amazed at how wonderful the human body is. In awe of yourself for creating such a perfect little human! You are in complete and total love!

newborn baby yawning laying on a white blanket photographed my Newborn photographer Peterborough

Is that how it went for you?

If not, you are not alone. For many, many women, that is not the reality for them. There are many reasons as to why this might be the case. From the obvious reasons such as sleep deprivation, to a traumatic birth or a difficult postnatal journey.

Jo from “Love parenthood” says-

“Birth doesn’t always go to plan. When we’re traumatised we’re left in a constant state of stress which is draining and damaging. It’s not your fault and you deserve to enjoy parenthood. 3 Step Rewind can help you to feel like yourself again”.

Examples of how birth trauma can look –

  • The type of birth you had (if it didn’t go how you planned)
  • Things being out of your control
  • You felt frightened
  • The pandemic
  • You felt unsupported
  • Baby/parent health
  • You were overwhelmed
  • Not treated with respected or listened to

These are some examples of what postnatal trauma could look like

  • Sleep deprived
  • Your health
  • Physical healing from birth
  • Relationship changes
  • Overwhelm
  • Not being listened to
  • Returning to hospital
  • NICU

If any of these trauma’s resonate with you, it could be time to consider a birth trauma coach. All too often women who have experienced birth or postnatal trauma have been told “that is just part of it” “Things don’t always go to plan, stop being dramatic” “well I had to go through x, y, z, what are you moaning about?” “what did you expect life with a newborn baby was going to be like?” “at least you have a healthy baby”. You do not have to live with the effects of your trauma because of any of those reasons!

My story – very briefly

I had my daughter 11 years ago. I had the easiest pregnancy and birth. It was when Olivia was 3 weeks old everything went wrong. I was a first time parent with nothing to compare my birth or postnatal journey with. Going through a very difficult break up and completely over whelmed. Looking back, I realised I was suffering with postnatal depression. Although at the time I knew I didn’t feel right and I was finding being a mum extremely difficult, I felt it was my fault. I felt so guilty for not enjoying motherhood. In truth, I don’t remember much of Olivia being a baby. My brain has worked really hard to block it all out. Which I could never understand because I always wanted to be a mum.

I vividly remember standing in my kitchen and phoning the health visitor at breaking point. She answered and I said “I can’t cope”. She asked me what I meant. I told her “I just cannot cope with my baby. She won’t stop crying and I am finding it really hard”. Now, I don’t know what I thought she would do. I don’t know what she could of done. She told me that this sounded like something the doctor would be better helping me with…

I had just used up every ounce of anything I had to phone a “professional” and tell them that I cannot cope with my own baby. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, guilty and scared. There was absolutely no way I was phoning someone else and telling them as well. So I didn’t. And yes, we muddled through. I am here to tell the tale, things got better and Olivia and I have a wonderful relationship. But I cannot help but think perhaps I would of had some more children by now if I had been able to get the support I had needed at the time. During my Newborn photography sessions clients always ask me if I plan to have any more children. I always reply “oh goodness me no, I am still traumatised from the first time”. Those are the exact words I use and this was before I knew birth trauma was a thing!

Birth trauma coaching

This is where a birth trauma coach can really help. Jo from love parenthood has a program called 3 step rewind. During the 3 step rewind program you get the chance to talk to Jo about the journey and the traumas you encountered. She then uses a guided relaxation to play the memories from start to finish from a disassociated place. You repeat this together rewinding to the beginning and slowly coming back into your body. Eventually, you watch the memories from you own body again. Jo recommends 4 sessions during the last one she teaches you how you can build on this and how to maintain your wellbeing day to day.

Jo is so warm and friendly. If there was anyone I would feel happy to talk to about my own traumatic postnatal journey it would be her!

If you feel that you could benefit from the 3 step rewind sessions I highly recommend getting in touch with Jo. You can also take a look at her Instagram (@love_parenthood) where she shares so much valuable information. In her recent blog post Jo says that 200,000 parents a year report that some aspect of their birth was traumatic. You can find out more about her coaching here. That statistic doesn’t even cover the postnatal part of birth trauma! You are not alone and there are people out there who can help! My inbox is open to anyone who wants an impartial person to talk to.

Emma xx

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baby boy with dark hair asleep under a white blanket

If you are expecting a baby- congratulations! You are probably here reading this because you are considering which Newborn photography session is right for you! I am going to explain the differences between them so you can make the most informed choice. I know how precious these Newborn moments are! They pass by in the blink of an eye. Preserving our memories is so valuable.

I currently offer two types of Newborn photography sessions. There is the Mini Newborn session and the full session. They are quite different sessions in every way.

The Full Newborn photography experience

This full Newborn session is the full experience. There is no time limit on this session but it usually lasts around 2.5/3 hours. The full range of swaddled images is included in this session. Only with the full Newborn session do you get the full range of posed images as well. These are the classic undressed, baby led, posed images that I capture. There is a lot more variety with this session in terms of poses. You will also get lots of images to choose from.

The full Newborn photography session also includes 10 digital images on a USB stick plus those 10 images as 6 x 4 prints too! This means that you will have printed images ready to frame and enjoy straight away. You are welcome to make further prints and enlargements from the digital versions on your USB. If you do not have a USB drive these can be sent via web transfer too. You are welcome to upgrade your package to include more images after the session. I have 3 simple packages to add on if you wish to.

So to conclude, the full session offers a wide range of poses and lots of varied images to choose from, 10 digital images and 10 prints!

If you are looking for a Newborn photography session in Peterborough that includes digital images plus prints this session is perfect for you!

The mini newborn session

The mini Newborn session is perfect for you if you are looking for a shorter session (1.5 hours of studio time) with less images included and to choose from. The Mini session includes swaddled images only. I will achieve a beautiful gallery for you and lots of variation for you but it doesn’t include any of the undressed posed images. 

This session includes 6 digital images provided as digital download. It doesn’t include a USB or prints. However, you are welcome to buy a USB and prints in additional if you required them. As with the full newborn session you are welcome to purchase additional images from your gallery too.

Family and sibling images

With either session family and sibling images are more than welcome! I absolutely love taking family images during Newborn sessions. I know being in front of the camera isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But trust me, you will thank yourself! You will be so pleased you did!

Siblings are more than welcome to join too with either Newborn photography session that you choose!

Additional images

No matter whether you choose the full or mini Newborn photography session you are able to upgrade- if you wish. I have 3 very simple packages that you can add onto your existing package to create the package the  perfect package for you!

You are welcome to make prints and enlargements from your digital images provided. I know how hectic life gets with a Newborn baby, so I also offer a professional print service. You can shop for prints and wall art from your gallery and have them delivered straight to your door for your convenience!

Which is best for you?

I hope this helps you when choosing the perfect session for your Newborn images! I know how precious those first moments are. I would love to be your Newborn photographer and help you to preserve those memories!

Click here to read the feature Mother & baby magazine did on one of my Newborn sessions!

If you are looking for a Newborn photographer in Peterborough and need any further guidance please feel free to email me and I will be happy to help!

Emma xx

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5 things to consider before you book your Newborn photographer

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! I know what a wonderful and exciting time this is for you! Are you considering a Newborn photographer to capture those precious first few weeks? Read on for my best guidance when it comes to that all important decision

These images are going to be there to serve your memory for years to come. Anytime you want to relive all of those fleeting moments you will refer back to these beautiful images. You want to make sure you make the best choice.

Here are some helpful points to consider when choosing the perfect Newborn photographer


If a professional Newborn photography session is something you’d defiantly like once your baby arrives it is a good idea to start doing your research whilst you are still pregnant. Many Newborn photographers in Peterborough and surrounding areas can be booked well in advance. Once you have found your perfect Newborn photographer contact them to schedule your session. Most Newborn photographers will use your due date as a preliminary date. Once your baby is born we will schedule your proper session date. 


Consider the style of Newborn photography you are looking for. Once you have the style of photography in your mind you can easily narrow down your options.

You will want to consider where you want to display your images and the overall look you imagine. There are so many styles of Newborn photography. This can include elaborate posing or a baby-led Newborn posing. Images of baby on colourful or dark backgrounds or Newborn photographers who use no colour at all (like myself).  Newborn photographers that use a lot of props in their images or photographers that do not. Photography styles that have a specific style of editing or those that have a more natural approach to editing. 

You will want to think about where you plan to display your images. If you have a bright and colourful home your Newborn images are going to look perfect with bright and colourful colours incorporated into the images. If you have a neutral home, you might want to consider a Newborn photographer that focuses on neutral styling and colours.

newborn baby posed in a bowl with lots of textured white fabric  in front of a bright window
I am known for my bright, white, clean, simple, modern and timeless style of photography


Do you want to use a local Newborn photographer? Or, would you take into account photographers further afield? If you are traveling you might like to take a quick look at what amenities there are near by. You might like to eat a meal after the session before the long journey home. So in this case consider a studio that has some suitable restaurants near by perhaps.

Not all photographers have a dedicated studio space like I do. Everything in my studio has been chosen with you in mind! My Newborn photography studio supplies everything I need to create beautiful images for you and your family. I supply nappies, wipes, cotton wool, nappy bags, muslin clothes, snacks and water for your convenience. I want the experience to be as relaxing and stress free as possible.

If you were hoping to have photographs taken in your own home you will want to search for mobile Newborn photographers. 

Safety and experience

So now you have narrowed down your Newborn photographers based in the style of images you want for your memories and the location where you want to have them taken. It is time to start thinking about what you want your photographer to offer in terms of experience, knowledge and insurance etc. 

The Newborn photography industry is unregulated and therefore anyone can “be a Newborn photographer” without any training. Your Newborn baby is the most precious thing in your world right now. I understand that you want to sure you choose a professional you can trust to handle your baby with care and patience.

Reviews are fantastic way to research what other parents who have used the photographers services before are saying about their own experience.

How much experience your Newborn photographer has might be something else you will want to consider and if they have any training from another more experienced photographer. We all start somewhere and I wouldn’t disregard a new photographer as long as they are posing babies safely.

I have 8 years of Newborn photography experience and have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of Newborns, babies, children and families in those years. I have also had several training sessions with other experienced photographers and have trained other photographers too.

Behind the scenes of me using one of my techniques to comfort baby

What is included

It is important that once you have chosen your Newborn photographer you take a look to see what is included for your investment. You will want to consider what is important to you in terms of having your images as digital files, as prints, as wall art, provided on a USB etc. 

Some Newborn photographers will have a session fee that is taken like a deposit. It can sometimes be used towards a package and sometime it cannot. Other newborn photographers might have packages whereas others will be all inclusive. It is really important you check you fully understand what is included and what isn’t when you are viewing Newborn photography packages

There are Newborn photographers In Peterborough and surrounding areas to suit everyones budget. 

If you need any further help

If you need any further guidance then please do get in touch and I will be more than happy to help assist you in choosing the perfect Newborn photographer for you and you family. Your baby will grow and change, but you will always have these images to look back on. Make sure you love them!

If you feel that Olivia Rose Images could be the perfect Newborn photographer for you then I would be delighted to capture these memories for you! Send me an email and we can get you scheduled in! emma@oliviaroseimages.co.uk

Emma xx

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Newborn baby with blue eyes awake on a white blanket

“Will my baby’s eyes stay blue” is often a topic of conversation that often comes up in my Newborn photography sessions!

I thought I would do some research into this popular question. I was surprised with the answers I found, perhaps you will be too!

There is nothing better than looking into your baby’s big, beautiful, glossy eyes. It is easy to be curious about what whether their eyes will remain the colour they were born with, or if they will change and if so, when.

What determines a baby’s eye colour?

Genetics from mother and father determines what colour eyes your baby will have. The colour itself is made by a protein called Melanin. Melanin also determines babies hair colour and skin colour!  

Are all babies born with blue eyes?

I believed that all Newborn babies were born with blue eyes but according to this article from pampers this is a myth! They say that babies can be born with a range of different eye colours with brown being the most common but can range from grey to black!

When will my baby’s eye colour change?

The most noticeable change will happen when your Newborn baby is between 3-6 months. By the time your baby is 1 years old you should know what colour eyes they will have. However, some children’s eyes can change right up until the age of 6! Olivia has hazel colour eyes and have changed shades so many times! They used to be more hazel/green and now they are more light brown (she is 11).

What is the most unusual eye colour?

The answer to this varies by where you read but many sources seem to suggest that green eyes are the least common.

Can you tell what colour your baby will have before they are born?

There is a tremendous about of informative information on how parents genes can influence eye colour. I found this article by all about vision and they say-

“At one time, brown eye colour was considered “dominant” and blue eye colour was considered a “recessive” trait. But modern science has shown that eye colour is not that simple.

Eye color isn’t just a blend of the parents’ eye colours, as in mixing paint. Each parent has two pairs of genes on each chromosome, and multiple possibilities exist for how this genetic information is expressed in terms of eye colour”

Was your baby born with blue eyes? When did their eye colour change? Did they stay blue?

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