The complete guide to what to bring to your Newborn session

13th March 2020

The best thing about my style of photography is that I do not need a lot at all to produce a beautiful Newborn gallery for you and your family to cherish forever!

I would say, all I need to produce a beautiful, full newborn gallery for you is a piece of white material, a smaller piece of white material, something to pose baby on, 1 prop and your baby.

Luckily, out of those 5 items- you only need to provide one! And that (I hope it goes without saying but I will say it anyway!) is the baby!  …and milk if you are bottle feeding. This is quite essential!

Honesty, if you just turn up with baby in one arm- that is enough! – just be sure that if you are bottle feeding that there is a bottle of milk in the other hand!

However, you might like to bring:

– spare nappies

– wipes (if you use wipes)

– a dummy (if you use a dummy definitely bring it along)

– muslin cloths

– a special teddy or blanket (if these are special items that you particularly want in the images)

– snacks and drinks for yourselves (and siblings)

– entertainment for siblings (the session can feel like a long time for them!)

– spare clothes for yourselves (yes, there have been times that baby has wee’d etc on parents during the parent and baby poses!

*extra milk (if you are bottle feeding) is a must*

Sometimes babies need a little extra top up (or a full feed) and I am always baby led. If baby needs to feed- we feed baby!

As you see the things you might like to bring are mostly items you would usually carry in your changing bag with you anyway so do not stress about the things you “need” to bring.

If you forget anything I have the following items in the studio for you to use for your convenience

– spare nappies

– cotton wool

– water wipes

– nappy bags

– muslin cloths

– hand sanitiser

I hope this information makes you feel at ease about your session! Do not panic if you forget everything! ……



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Emma xx