50 of the best Quarantine Quiz- Questions and Answers!

4th April 2020

The world is such a innovative place right now!

People are working from home, video calling, doing meetings via the internet (I think it is called zooming?!), amazing teachers and coaches are delivering their classes for us all to join in with online, we are finding new ways of connecting with our families and even having parties with DJs- in our living rooms!

Who’d have thought it!

I am not down playing the seriousness of this situation the world is in right now, at all, and I know we have a long road ahead of us but I do think it is wonderful how people are coming up with their own wonderful ways of making the best out of a bad situation.

The one thing that the world and his wife seem to be doing at the moment is quizzes! And I can see why- they are so much fun! They are also really easily to get the whole family involved in, with FaceTime, WhatsApp video calling and more than likely a whole host of other options that are out there!

I have come up with 50 easy general knowledge questions and answers that you can use to host a quiz night for your family!

It is crazy how much I looked forward to and enjoyed our family quiz night the other night! I even put some make up on and did my hair- I KNOW! Unheard of in these times! I got some nibbles and drinks in on the weekly shop (time your quiz right so you can get some essential quizzing nibbles and drinks too!). Or of course you can have a PJ and cup of tea style quiz too- what ever floats your Quarantine boat!

For my family quiz night I made a Facebook chat group on messenger- added my family and then video called the group- everyone turned on their cameras and it was a multi video call.

We picked team names to make it more fun. You could take it in turns to host and then keep adding the scores to together each week to see who are the ultimate winners at the end of Quarantine!

So here goes- if you want to host your own family Quiz night here are 50 easy general knowledge questions that you can use!

Just copy and paste these questions and answers into a word document and print or read them out from this blog post!

Quarantine Quiz

1. How many states make up the USA? 50


2. Comedy duo Ant and Dec are originally from which English city? Newcastle


3. In medical terms what does GP stand for? General Practitioner


4. The phase “3 strikes and your out” originates from which sport? Baseball


5. What is the highest mountain in the UK? Ben Nevis


6. The Canary Islands are a region of which Country? Spain


7. Which pair of Super heroes are know and the dynamic duo? Batman and Robin


8. What colour beret is when by members of the Royal Marines? Green


9. If you were born in April what would your birth stone be? Diamond


10. In the nursery rhyme “this little piggy” which toe has roast beef? middle


11. What does the MI in MI6 stand for? Military intelligence


12.Who was the first man on the moon? Neil Armstrong


13. What do Americans call a torch? Flash light


14. If you mix blue and yellow what colour do you get? Green


15. In chess who moves first? White


16. What creatures body does a Spine have? Lion


17. What type of Nut is grown on a Oak tree? Acorn


18. According to proverb what does the devil make work for? Idle hands


19. How many bones does the human body have? 206


20. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag? 5


21. What was the nicname of William 1st of England? William the conqueror


22. On a roulette wheel what colour is 0? Green


23. In the metaphor, if a rain storm is heavy it is said to be raining what? Cats and dogs


24. Whats the longest river in the world? Nile


25. What raw material issued to make glass? Sand


26. The name of the Galaxy in which our solar system is situated is the….? Milky way


27. On a rainbow which colour is between yellow and blue? Green


28. Birds have two stomaches- true or false? True


29. What holiday did Anna Jarvis introduce in 1907? Mothers Day


30. In Greek mythology where are women from? Venus


31. How many letters in the Alphabet? 26


32. Which animal is fastest? A hare, a grey hound or a horse? A hare


33. How do bees communicate? They dance


34. Muhammed Ali was said to float like a what? Butterfly


35. Janet Jackson is the youngest of how many Jacksons? 9


36. What was margarine called when it first marketed in England? Butterine


37. What animals milk is used to make Mozzarella? What Buffalo


38. What is the currency of Pakistan? Rupee


39. Which bird can swim but not fly? Penguin


40. Which nuts are used to make Marzipan? Almonds


41. What was the biggest hit from Bing Crosby (exact title)? White Christmas


42. Who painted the Mona Lisa (full name)? Leonardo Da Vinci


43. In which house does the American President live? The white House


44. What colour is a Giraffes tongue? Blue or Purple


45. What colour is “cobalt”? blue


46. In computing what does USB stand for? Universal Serial Bus


47. What is the largest vegetable? Pumpkin


48. Who played Wolverine in the Wolverine films? Hugh Jackman


49. How many wives did Henry 8th have? 6


50. What watercraft travels under water? Submarine


And there we have it! I hope that you enjoy hosting a Fun Family Quiz night for your family! Remember- the storm can’t last forever! We will soon be hugging our families again! Plus when we are allowed back to the Pub’s we will all be BRILLIANT at pub quizzes!

If you are going to try or have tried doing my quiz with your family then let me know in the comments how it went! Let me know your team names too! I love some of the ones I have seen!

Stay home, Safe safe


Emma xx